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At Wrapped Whips, we're committed to delivering exceptional results that showcase your pride in driving one of the most advanced vehicles on the road today.


We are Tesla Specialists!

Wrapped Whips specializes in Tesla customization and protection, catering to the specific needs of these cutting-edge electric vehicles. Our experienced team stays up-to-date with the latest Tesla models, ensuring that our services complement and enhance the unique features of these innovative automobiles. From custom vinyl wraps that reflect your style to ceramic coatings that protect your Tesla's paint, we provide tailored solutions that not only preserve your vehicle's value but also elevate its aesthetic appeal.

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Protection against UV rays, chips, scratches, and more.

Increase Value

Added value and protection for your investment.

Infinite Options

Custom tint, wraps, graphics. Stand out from the crowd!

Won't Block Signals

We only use materials that won't interfere with signals

Model Y with color change wrap

Vinyl Wraps

When ordering your new Tesla, the color options are limited. However, we can help you expand your choices with a vinyl wrap! Wrapped Whips offers an array of color and finish options, including color change and exotic wrap films, and provides professional installation to make your Tesla stand out in the crowd.

Model S with dark tinted windows

Window Tint

Your Tesla comes with a lot of glass. We can tint it all! These cutting-edge vehicles present a unique challenge when it comes to window tint. Whether it's the all glass roof on the Model Y or the unique windshield on the Model 3 our expert technicians have the skill and know-how to tackle these complex installations.

Model 3 with paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Your Tesla EV is designed to be environmentally friendly, featuring EPA-approved waterborne paint for reduced solvent emissions. However, this eco-conscious choice may impact your paint's durability. LLumar® Paint Protection Film can safeguard against potential threats like flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand, and more. With a variety of finish and coverage options available, you can easily discover the protection and price that suits both you and your Tesla.

Tesla Model X with ceramic coating applied over a vinyl wrap

Ceramic Coatings

NanoPro ceramic coating enhances UV protection, boosts your Tesla's top coat's hardness, and amplifies its glossiness, color depth, and mirror-like effect. The slick surface also minimizes the accumulation of dirt, brake dust, tar, and other contaminants, reducing the time and effort needed for maintenance and car washes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most tint jobs can be completed same day; with drop off typically at 8AM and pickup around 4pm. Paint protection film and vinyl wraps can take 4 - 5 days to complete depending on the complexity of the project.

It can take a few days for a new wrap to settle as the adhesive activates and the material reforms to its new shape. We recommend all our customers bring their Tesla back to us after 2 weeks for a free checkup. This allows us to identify and fix any potential issues before they can become a problem.

Typically a vinyl wrap can last 5 - 7 years however because of the harsher conditions here in Arizona we recommend you replace your vinyl wrap after 4 - 5 years especially if it is outside in the sun for the majority of the time.

Yes. Areas such as the dashboard and door inlays can be wrapped with vinyl. We offer may options including carbon fiber and matte finishes.

Window tint film produced using metallic coatings rather than dyes can impact cellular and Wi-Fi signals. However, Wrapped Whips only uses Llumar® ceramic window tint. Ceramic window tint is a good option for your Tesla because it doesn't affect signals and won't negatively impact the technology inside the vehicle.

Yes. We offer a one-year warranty on all vinyl wraps. Llumar® offers a lifetime warranty on it's window tint and paint protection film. Certain restrictions apply; see manufacturer for more information.

NanoPro Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Window Tint

Wrapped Whips offers a wide variety of automotive tint films that protect and enhance the look of your vehicle. Our automotive tint films are applied expertly, on-location in Peoria, AZ, providing protection from the sun's UV rays and powerful heat rejection to keep you and your vehicle protected.

Rocks flying towards a car windshield

Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle looking as new as the day you bought it with the help of our self-healing, extensively tested paint protection films. Our paint protection film stands up to flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand, and more. Now available in multiple finish and coverage options, it has never been easier to find the protection and price that is right for you and your vehicle.