Paint Protection Film

Wrapped Whips offers an extensive range of LLumar® paint protection films, expertly designed to shield against scratches, chips, and other forms of damage.


Drive Confidently with Paint Protection Film!

LLumar® paint protection film makes it easy to keep your car's finish looking like you just drove off the lot. Paint protection film effectively stands up to flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand and more. We offer multiple finishes, innovative 2-in-1 products, and go-to favorites, all of which are self-healing, extensively tested, and factory-backed. Decide what coverage you need, select your product and take any road with confidence.

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Paint Protection

Paint protection film effectively stands up to flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand and more.


Swirl marks and minor scratches disappear with exposure to heat from your engine or the sun.

High Shine

A high-shine topcoat made to blend with factory-fresh auto paint, this film is nearly impossible to detect.


Water-beading HydroGard™ technology provides stain resistance and enhanced durability.

blue porsche with valor ppf

Valor PPF

Experience the ultimate in paint protection with LLumar® Valor paint protection film. Combining the benefits of premium PPF with a sleek ceramic-style finish, Valor provides superior self-healing properties all in one product. Achieve an ultra-glossy look that not only enhances your car's aesthetics but also repels dirt and water effortlessly, thanks to its remarkable hydrophobicity. With Valor, your car's exterior gains a robust shield against various road hazards. Rest assured, we stand by the quality of Valor, offering a manufacturer's limited 12-year warranty to ensure long-lasting performance, withstanding nature's harshest elements mile after mile.

Easy-Clean Surface

Optically Clear Shine

More Stain-Fighting Power

Self-Healing Technology

White GMC pickup with Select Black PPF

Select Black PPF

LLumar® Select Black PPF stands apart from traditional paint protection films by offering a unique blend of durability and customization. With its premium quality, this PPF not only provides tough protection but also transforms the appearance of your vehicle to a sleek, glossy black finish. Whether you opt for a full wrap or want to add stylish accents on mirrors, spoilers, or the hood, Select Black PPF allows for endless customization possibilities. Elevate your car's aesthetics and make a statement on the road with LLumar® Select Black PPF - the perfect choice for both protection and personalization.

Defends against rocks, salt and other road debris

Self-heals scratches with heat from your engine or the sun

Features HydroGard™ top-coat that resists dirt and discoloration

Grey jeep with Platinum Extra PPF

Platinum Extra PPF

Experience unrivaled protection for your vehicle's finish with LLumar® Platinum Extra paint protection film. Engineered for vehicle owners who face extreme driving conditions like track racing, off-roading, gravel roads, and harsh weather, this premium PPF is designed to withstand it all. With its superior thickness and virtually invisible appearance, Platinum Extra offers exceptional chip-fighting capabilities and high-impact resistance. Choose to have your entire vehicle wrapped for comprehensive coverage or focus on specific vulnerable areas such as rocker panels, fenders, hoods, bumpers, and doors. Trust LLumar® Platinum Extra to safeguard your vehicle's exterior with maximum durability and peace of mind.

Chip-fighting, high-impact finish defense

Ideal for areas highly vulnerable to damage

Backed by a 10-year limited warranty*

Red corvette with Platinum Gloss PPF

Platinum Gloss PPF

Achieve seamless beauty and superior protection with gloss finish LLumar® Platinum PPF. This advanced film blends flawlessly with your vehicle's paint, providing inconspicuous coverage for partial applications or stunning aesthetics as a full wrap. Enjoy the benefits of a self-healing surface that effortlessly eliminates swirl marks and minor scratches, while our innovative HydroGard™ technology ensures water-beading and stain resistance. With a 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty*, your investment in gloss finish LLumar® Platinum PPF is fully protected, allowing you to wash, wax, and drive worry-free, maintaining a flawless appearance for years to come.

High-shine top-coat blends with factory paint

HydroGard™ for stain resistance and durability

Orange corvette with Platinum Matte PPF

Platinum Matte PPF

Elevate your vehicle's defense against damage and make a bold style statement with LLumar® Platinum matte paint protection film. Designed to provide serious protection, this PPF transforms your car's finish while seamlessly blending in with flat finishes or altering the appearance of glossy automotive paint. With exceptional optical clarity, your color will remain true, ensuring a visually stunning result. Enjoy the full benefits of premium PPF protection, just like you would with LLumar® Platinum gloss PPF. Upgrade your vehicle's defense and aesthetics with LLumar® Platinum matte paint protection film.

For a flat finish with added protection

Beads water, fights stains and self-heals

Black corvette with Gloss PPF

Gloss and Matte PPF

Shield your new or freshly painted vehicle from the perils of everyday road damage by adding a layer of LLumar® paint protection film in gloss or matte finish. With every mile you drive, the risk of damage increases, but our road-tested PPF acts as invisible armor, providing a durable yet ultra-thin barrier against rocks, debris, dirt, insects, and other threats that can harm your pristine finish. Safeguard your vehicle's shine or flat appearance and enjoy peace of mind on the road with LLumar® paint protection film.

Available in gloss or matte finish

Self-heals with sun or engine heat

How Does It Look On My Vehicle?

Try out different tint shades with our automotive tint viewer. It lets you choose the products you're interested in and see them on a vehicle like yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's best to wait three days after PPF installation before attempting any sort of washing. After that waiting period ends, hand washing is recommended—but it's not the only option. If you choose to pressure wash, take care around any edges. Excessive pressure can lift the film. The high water pressure and harsh detergents of touchless car washes could cause issues, as well.

Our PPF is sold globally and installed on vehicles in fridgid climates, including Colorado, Calgary and Norway--some of our highest volume regions. With proper care, our paint protection film can withstand winter cold. It's important to note that PPF should not be removed in the extreme cold as it can separate from the adhesive. It's best to have PPF removed by a professional, indoors at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

Given proper care, our paint protection film can handle excessive heat. Sold and installed in some of the hottest areas of the world including Texas, Arizona, and the Middle East—our PPF products continue to protect your vehicle against the elements.

Proper care for paint protection film can include frequent hand washing, prompt removal of staining hazards such as bird droppings and the use of non-abrasive waxes.

It is not recommended to apply wax or any other coatings to your vehicle prior to installing paint protection film. Waxes and coatings can interfere with the film's adhesion to the painted surface.

Paint protection film may be successfully installed on carbon fiber finishes However, carbon fiber is not considered OEM (original equipment manufacturer) paint, making it ineligible for warranty coverage, if any issues should arise.

Paint protection film hasn't been specifically tested for marine applications, prohibiting it from warranty coverage. However, there is growing interest in exploring this opportunity.

LLumar® Valor paint protection film combines the self-healing protection of premium PPF with a super hydrophobic, Tetrashield™ ceramic-like finish in a single product. The surface easily repels water and dirt while also protecting against scratches, rocks, and other road debris.

Several paint protection film products are available in high gloss or matte to accentuate color and finish. Select Black film gives you the option to wrap or accent your automobile with rich, glossy black—for the look of vinyl and the protective benefits of PPF.

Paint protection film is designed to be applied to original painted surfaces. Issues with aftermarket and repaired paint are not covered by our warranty. If you still choose to install paint protection film on a freshly painted vehicle, 30 days is the common waiting period for the new paint to outgas.

LLumar® paint protection film features a proprietary top coat that protects the urethane against surface scratches. The majority of surface scratches will self-heal when exposed to a heat source, such as the sun, warm water, heated body panel (with motor running), etc.

For an accurate PPF quote we recommend contacting us to arrange a free consultation with your vehicle. You may choose to protect all painted surfaces, while other owners just protect areas that receive the most punishment (front bumper, hood, rocker panels, etc). These choices will affect pricing as well.

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